South_Western_Railway_LogoServices on South Western Railways trains that serve Whitchurch (and elsewhere) are to be seriously affected during the announced strikes for December.

SWR say they plan to run around half of the weekday trains and with most routes seeing reduced services and trains expected to be more crowded. Whitchurch is expected to have a train approximately hourly to London and Salisbury with services finishing earlier than usual.

Strike days
The strike is currently due to take place on every day in December except for:
Sunday 1st December
Thursday 12th December (Election Day) – but SWT say it will still be the strike timetable, and
Wed/Thurs 25th and 26th December (Christmas Day and Boxing Day, when no trains are planned anyway).

The strikes are due to a long running dispute over the work of Guards on the trains.

At the time of publishing this article SWR have released the following ‘Strike timetable’ – it can be downloaded here:

Whitchurch Station sm3Local concern over service standards
Meanwhile South Western Railways have already been coming under fire for their standard of service with cancelations, late running services, short trains, standing room only and even stations being missed out, all being regularly reported.
Whitchurch is a popular station for both local journeys and for commuters and with the town growing concern over the service provision is mounting. There have been calls for SWR to have its franchise removed.

The matter has been raised in the Town Council with the Minute reading:
Cllr Buckley noted that there are a growing number of complaints regarding South Western Railway and felt that the Town Council should start pressing for services to improve.
Contact is to be made with neighbouring parishes.
He added “With a growing population and housing increasing we need to stand up for all our residents who expect efficient, punctual and well-run train services. In my experience South Western Trains are currently failing those expectations.”

The advice really must be CHECK BEFORE TRAVELLING