Testbourne Community School logoStudents from Testbourne community School addressed the full Town Council over dangers in Micheldever Road.

On Monday evening students made a presentation to Town Councillors, having been concerned over traffic dangers near the school. The police were also present and listened intently to the concerns.

Following a petition that raised over 100 supporters along with surveys of local residents, they made several suggestions ranging from a zebra crossing to traffic calming humps.
There were also calls for greater enforcement to reduce speeding which happens throughout the day. It was also noted that the dangers recently resulted in a vehicle being in collision with a student which highlighted the risks.
The students had also produced posters and notices to promote the issues involved, including giving advice to their peers in the school as to how they can also help.

Following a very productive question and answer session, the students were asked to keep pushing for greater safety and also to hold their representatives accountable. They were thanked for their excellent presentation with Councillors expressing their pleasure that they had undertaken this initiative.


Later on the same meeting’s Agenda there was a report and update on the Whitchurch SpeedWatch Scheme which it is hoped will start very soon. Town Councillors have placed Micheldever Road ha on the list of areas to be covered.