From Whitchurch Town Council:

Sowings for new spring – memorial threads for Whitchurch past, present, and future.

The Town Council will be commissioning a piece of textile art to commemorate the experience of people in Whitchurch of The Great War.

They want the piece to:

• be a serious and monumental memorial of the 1914-18 war that was supposed to end all wars
• have a strong connection to the experience of people living in Whitchurch during that period
• reflect the output of the Silk Mill as an industry in 1914-18 and as a part of our heritage industry now
• incorporate the silk designed by young people in Whitchurch as part of their memorial to 1914-18
• represent the changes to the lives of young people in the early part of the twentieth century and the threads that link them to the young people of today and into the future.
• be a thing of joy, beauty, and hope.

Ground breaking project
They have the support of Professor Peter Pilgrim, Patron of Whitchurch Silk Mill and sometime head of Winchester School of Art, who believes this project will produce something ground breaking which will be a tribute to the experience of the Great War and  a source of pride in itself for the town. He believes it has the capacity to attract visitors to the town and thus be of economic as well as cultural benefit.

The town council is applying for a grant from Hampshire County Council to cover half of the costs and will know in January whether the application has been successful.

Collecting local stories
Full details of the competition will be available after that, but in the meantime the council would like to collect the stories of Whitchurch residents about that period of history. It may be that you have family who lived in Whitchurch then and have information about them; those who fought and died, those who fought and came home, or those whose work was far from the front line but whose lives were affected. Families of men who were wounded in mind or body often had struggles that went on long after the conflict was finished. The council is also interested to hear from people who live in Whitchurch now, but who have family who lived elsewhere in the country or even the world in 1914 – 18. We know we have residents from all over the world and would like to hear about how the First World War affected them too.

Further information:
For more information, or to share your thoughts, please contact the Town Council.
on 01256 892107, or email

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