Millennium Meadow together with the White Hart would like to invite couples of all ages for a very special Valentine’s Day Ribbon Hunt. Bring your Valentine to the Meadow on Sunday 13th February and find two colourful ribbons. Couples presenting a pair of ribbons at the White Hart on 13th or 14th February will get a prize. 100 ribbons will be tied to the tree brunches the night before (all will be visible from the main footpaths, no need to get into the bushes!)

Prizes include: Chocolate Oranges, Tea or Coffee (or squash) for two people with biscuits, bottles of house wine (red or white) for over 18 or puddings for two for under 18. The ribbon colours determine the prize…but which for what we won’t say, it will be a surprise for you! Remember, you must bring a couple as a couple.

Why not have a romantic dinner at the White Hart, too? See their lovely specials in our BUSINESS NEWS section.