The trustees of the Whitchurch Millennium Green Trust, a charity which manages the Meadow, have issued rules for the use of the Meadow, which apply to all residents and visitors to Whitchurch’s meadow green space along Winchester St.

The trustees say in an article on their Meadow website (HERE) that the new rules are being introduced “in response to serious complaints from neighbours of the Meadow about rowdy parties and general anti-social behaviour and negligent use of fires”.

The trustees go on to say that they will be asking the Whitchurch Town Council and the Police for guidance and help.

The new rules are:

  • No visitors in the Meadow after midnight
  • No fires without express permission
  • Disposable BBQs only, but not after 6pm

There is no indication of what time the Meadow re-opens each morning.

Given these new rules, it appears that these activities would be affected:

  • cooking evening dinners on the Meadow
  • overnight camping
  • star-gazing

.The AGM of the Meadow is this evening, Friday 23 July at 7:30pm at Nine Springs, The Weir.