The chairman of the Millennium Green Trust, Graham Burgess, has reported on the Meadow website about the reason behind the recent tree cutting near the Meadow entrance over the holidays: the trees threatened the high voltage power supply running through Whitchurch. The company charged (pardon the pun) with maintaining the network of electrical cables supplying the town, SSE, had planned the cutting for some time, as part of a four-year plan, the report said.

The report went on to say that the loss of the cover near the gate exposed the temporary loos completely – and that the company maintaining them was requested to relocate the loos temporarily to a more sheltered location, near the boundary with the allotments. Some mature plants would be transplanted to fill the massive gap, presumably without being in the way of the cables that caused the loss of the original plants.

The report also touched upon other events at the meadow, read the full report HERE.