The new Wildlife Observation/Pond Dipping Platforms on the Millennium Meadow were officially opened today when Whitchurch Town Mayor Councillor John Clark cut the ceremonial ribbon.

Mayor cuts ribbon

The Mayor, Councillor John Clark, cuts the ribbon

The platforms, made of a durable recycled material and kindly sponsored by Tesco, will provide further opportunities for children and adults alike to learn of the wide variety of living creatures to be found on the Meadow. Already local groups and schools have been making use of this fine facility.

The Mayor and Mayoress use the new observation platform

In recent weeks over 1000 plants have been planted.

While children played on the log circle and enjoyed the oak tree and its swing, families picnicked in the Ogham Circle. Others walked through the tranquil setting seeing the new planting that is taking hold. In the last few weeks over 1000 new plants, sponsored by Veolia, have been planted by local volunteers, helping to make the Meadow a truly wondrous environment for the Town.

Mobile Science Laboratory

Today, the Meadow was also visited by the Hi-tech Wild-Trek mobile laboratory that allowed those finding creatures to have them identified, and through a computer-camera system to see them at super-large size. Run by Richard Osmond, the moving images allow the incredible biodiversity of the meadow to be easily understood.

Picnicking on the Meadow

The Meadow with its ponds, trees, pathways, springs, seating, and picnic areas is arguably one of Whitchurch’s most valuable possessions.

For further details see the MEADOW WEBSITE