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Each month a report is given by the Chairman/Mayor to the Town Council.
Here is the latest.

The Plan has been ‘made’
I am sure most will agree that the biggest success of the last month has been the ‘making’ of the Whitchurch Neighbourhood Plan. I attended the Basingstoke & Deane meeting on 26th October to hear several councillors praising the work of the Town Council, the volunteer team, and of course the residents of Whitchurch. All were praised for embracing all the principles of neighbourhood planning, with the result being described as a “textbook plan”. Most encouraging was the commitment given to uphold the Plan.

NP Logo Badge smWe cannot be complacent
Last month I mentioned we cannot be complacent in planning matters and I hope the team behind the Plan will find a way to stay involved. Their expertise and knowledge gained needs to be retained. Recently I met with some representatives of one local organisation who are very concerned over potential future development where an Asset of Community Value may be appropriate. I hope that progresses.

Community policing
Last week I attended the Hampshire Police and Crime Commissioner’s Workshop/Focus Group on community policing and expressed our town’s concerns over the lack of visibility and feedback on actions. The PCC is running a survey to assess how he and his team can help at local level. I urge everyone to send their views in.
The survey is here: COMMUNITY SURVEY

Speedometer 1Speedwatch has started
It is good news to see that Speedwatch is now in operation and are making their first report this evening. Speeding is both dangerous and intimidating and while thankfully there may be few injury incidents it can put fear into people using using our town in their daily lives. I hope the police will follow up on the work being put in by the volunteers.

Bus Walk covers (2)Bus Walks launched
Several ‘Mayoral’ duties over the last month included the well attended launch of two Bus Walks Leaflets with Stagecoach and Whitchurch Walkers are Welcome. These will certainly attract more visitors to our town and the walking group and Whitchurch Association should be commended.

Fireworks3Fireworks success
Once again the town’s firework display was a highlight of Halloween, where I helped judge the carved pumpkins and the Fancy Dress as well as enjoy the wonderful event that shows how much the town is supported by its volunteers.

Future Budgets
We must now look closely at the budgets as Basingstoke and Hampshire Councils continue to make cuts it is important that as well as our current commitments we also look ahead to plan for possible added responsibilities. We must bear that it mind when looking at the figures.

John Buckley
Chairman Whitchurch Town Council and Mayor of Whitchurch

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