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The Mayor and Mayoress of Whitchurch, Cllr Barry Jackman and his wife Sandra hosted the reception and awards event at the Gill Nethercott Centre on Tuesday.

Whitchurch is full of people who have the town at heart, and the gathering at the Gill Nethercott Centre last Tuesday, 27th March 2012, showed the wealth of good work carried out.

The Annual Mayor’s Reception and Community Awards evening was a celebration of those who help the town, presided over by the Mayor and Mayoress Cllr Barry Jackman and his wife Sandra.


In his opening speech the Mayor recalled how Whitchurch is known as the town with a heart, and one that has a very active and vibrant community, made up of many people who contribute, either as individuals or as groups.

Those present, he said, were either people invited by the Mayor and Mayoress as those who made a difference, or were supporters of those who did.

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A large crowd of people attended the ceremony.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Annual Community Awards. These honour those who work for the good of our local Community, or who inspire others through their achievements.

The Town Council administers the scheme, and organises the Ceremony, with the nominees submitted by residents of the Town and decided by an independent panel. Recipients can only ever receive one award.


A video of the ceremony is on the WhitchurchHants channel at YouTube (see below).

The 2012 Award winners are:

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Sue Reynolds, Helen Knight

Sue Reynolds and Helen Knight
for dedicated service to the community, particularly through Neighbour Care.

Both have been the Coordinators for Whitchurch Neighbour Care for many years, arranging transport to ensure that people reach their hospital and other important appointments on time, and then are returned safely to their homes.

They will also do their best to provide other forms of help for local people at times when they would struggle to manage alone. Sue and Helen receive their awards this evening as an expression of the gratitude of those they have helped, and those who they will continue to help in the future.

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Tommy Brooks

Tommy Brooks
for many years of support to the town both as a Councillor and support for community activities.

Tommy Brooks is a local man who for many years has supposed and promoted the interests of the Town. He was a Basingstoke and Deane Borough Ward Councillor representing Whitchurch for seventeen years. During this period he always made himself available to local people, and he would take up town-wide issues or individual problems with equal enthusiasm and cheerful dedication.

In later years, Tommy has continued his support for the community by helping with the Lunch Club at Testbourne School.

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Lynn Parnell

Lyn Parnell
for helping the disabled and elderly receive their travel tokens and taking photos for the Blue badges.

Lynn Parnell came to the aid of elderly and disabled residents in Whitchurch, Laverstoke and the surrounding areas when the system for receiving travel passes and tokens changed in January 2011.

Many of these people would have found it impossible or extremely difficult, to obtain the required passport-type identification, but Lynn kindly took their photos in their own homes, and in sessions at both Seeviour’s Court and the Gill Nethercott Community Centre, and then printed them.

She continues to help, also taking photos for the disabled parking blue badges.

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Nick Copp

Nick Copp
for many years of organising quizes and raising funds for numerous charities.

Nick Copp receives this award for his many year of organising quizzes, which have not only given pleasure to those who take part in them; but raise money for a variety of charities and the local Hospice.

He has also raided sponsorship funding for young athletes including Holly Croxford and Jordan Lucas.

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Cindy Dunlop

Cindy Dunlop
for her work with the Festival Committee and other activities such as Singing For Fun and the Silk Mill.

Cindy Dunlop gives her full support to all the annual events organised throughout the year. She makes the Carnival Queen’s, Princess’s and Attendant’s dresses and outfits to a superb standard, and to personally suit each individual.

She is also active in the organisation of the ”We’ll meet Again” party for the over 60’s, is a volunteer at the Silk Mill, and an active member of the Singing for Fun group.

Cindy’s positive attitude not only encourages the Festival Committee, but is one of the driving forces in maintaining the community spirit of our Town.

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Hector Goldsack

Hector Goldsack
for his services to recording local history and Whitchurch life.

Hector Goldsack originally produced videos of Whitchurch life in 2001, 2002, and 2003; DVDs on life in Whitchurch, including Whitchurch Worthies ~   interviews with members of our community who have made a contribution to our local society; the opening of the Gill Nethercott Community Centre, and the visit of the Salvation Army Household Troops Band.

He also produced a promotional DVD, using footage from local homes as a guide for use at the Hampshire record Office when logging artefacts.

He is a valued member of the History Society, having been Chairman for two years, and recording some of the Society’s trips out.

Hector never refuses a request for help to record and preserve important local information, having recently made an electronic copy of the Town’s hand-written Burial Register.

Future generations will be grateful to Hector for his generous contribution to the recording of Whitchurch life.

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