The Julian Clegg breakfast show at BBC Radio Solent interviewed locals.

Our Mayor, Councillor Barry Jackman was interviewed along with fellow Whitchurch resident Christine Yeates on BBC Radio Solent’s Julian Clegg breakfast show this morning.

Barry and Christine rose very early to get to the Southampton studio for their 7:10am interview with host Julian Clegg who talked with them about bringing the Olympic Torch Relay through towns in North Hampshire, including Whitchurch.


On the programme, Julian Clegg said, “Once again Whitchurch on the show because last time you were on, we were talking Broadband…so here we are again and you won that one, so we’ll see what happens – You can never tell with you lot!”

Barry Jackman told Julian, “This time we are hoping it will come through Whitchurch…Some local initiative was raised to try and persuade Lord Coe by a petition to let us have the route come on down through where there are small villages and the town of Whitchurch. We are just hoping this campaign will do the job.”

Mrs. Christine Yeates saw the torch in 1948 (but Mr Christopher Yeates somehow missed it)


Christine Yeates was asked by Julian about her memories of the last time the torch relay came through Whitchurch, in 1948. She said, “When I was 7 years old I was excited to be able to stand and watch the man in his shorts and vest – we didn’t have televisions to see it you see – there were crowds there although Whitchurch was a lot smaller.”

Julian asked her, “You lived through it once and you want to live through it again?”

Christine answered, “It will be nice for our own children and grandchildren to have memories…I can remember the man running down London St carrying his torch and it would be nice for it to come through Whitchurch.”


When asked about whether the Olympics organisers would be convinced to bring the torch relay route through Whitchurch, Barry said, “We think they will, we have a good campaign group in Whitchurch and all the villages along the proposed route.”

Presently, there are over 1000 signatures on the petition forms, which can be found in local shops, pubs and community centres. Petitions must be returned to the Whitchurch Town Hall before Christmas. They will be sent to Lord Coe who runs the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, and oversees the Torch Relay.

UPDATE, FRI 16 DEC 2011: Our mayor can also be heard on the Andover Sound Radio news today – HERE!

The campaign page is at – or directly HERE.
You can “listen again” to the program using BBC iPlayer HERE (it is 40 minutes, 40 seconds in) until next Thursday the 22nd Dec 2011. An MP3 version of the interview is HERE.

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