Plans for a massive Power Station/Incinerator less than 4 miles south west of Whitchurch have been announced.

The Incineration plant would be built beside the A303 just the other side of Longparish.
Preliminary details have been published for consultation.

Four miles from Whitchurch
The size being proposed could make it the 10th largest Power Station/Incinerator in the UK (out of 250) and would be less than 4 miles from Whitchurch. It would be 3 to 5 times the size of the huge Marchwood plant at Southampton, be just 900m from the River Dever and 1.2km from the Test. The high-rise industrial complex would be up to 55m high and could have emission stacks ‘the height of Big Ben’.

Artists impression – note lorry size for scale (click pic)

Artists impression – note lorry size for scale (click pic)

The facility will be called Wheelabrator Harewood and if approved the operators say it would produce enough energy to power the equivalent of 110,000 homes and “divert around 450,000 tonnes of post-recycled waste a year that would otherwise have gone to landfill or be exported to mainland Europe”.
The 450,000 tonnes of waste would need to travel by road.

As a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project the decision for approval will be through the Secretary for State. Two public exhibitions are presently planned.

Local input
Local communities in Longparish and Barton Stacey are gearing themselves up to prevent this massive industrial plan within the countryside. Others will be joining, while Whitchurch Town Council will have the issue on the Agenda of its next full Council Meeting on Monday 4th March.

Whitchurch Town Council Chairman John Buckley has said “such a plant would have an massive impact on the countryside and the area for miles around. There is concern that with a south westerly prevailing wind, any emissions of gasses, particulate matter or odours could go straight over Whitchurch and North Hampshire if not strictly controlled.
Local residents must be both kept informed and listened to so that all aspects can be considered – including what other options there are regarding waste and recycling”.

Further details are here:

Wheelabrator Exhibs