Several residents have been advising us that they are experiencing low water pressure today.

Southern Water, who supply the town, have stated, “Please be advised we are having operational issues in the St Mary Bourne area this morning, causing poor pressure and in some cases no water. We have operatives searching for the cause and once located, the supply will be restored to normal. We apologise for the inconvenience.”

Bottled water is being arranged, and distribution information will be available from their website – SOUTHERN WATER.

If you spot a water leak outside the boundary of your property, for example on the road or footpath, then contact Southern Water on their freephone Leakline at 0800 820 999.

If you decide to use some water from your water butt, then boil it and let it cool before drinking any, as this should remove most of any harmful bacteria in it.

There was a major leak of water on Bell Street back in March – see story in our archives HERE.


Mon 10:20am: (1) The supply to the water tower at the top of town failed due to the booster (pump) failing, which has now been reset; (2) The water supply to town has been set back to its normal source; (3) Water supply to town should be back to normal between noon and 1pm; (4) Southern Water have confirmed there has been a water issue since Thursday.

Claiming £25 under GSS (see info below): You must write or email Southern Water’s claims department and state that you had low pressure for more than 1 hour on two separate occasions within 28 days. Southern Water have said this was the case for Whitchurch since Thursday.

Mon 9:45am: (1) Southern Water admit that there have been “quite a few calls  this morning” from local residents about continuing low pressure problems; (2) they say people have been sent to our area (again) to investigate the source of the problem.

A person posting at has stated that it may be possible to claim £25 for “Low Water Pressure” under the guaranteed standards scheme (GSS) adminstered through OFWAT, the regulator – details HERE. Also, some have said problems with pressure started on Thursday.

Sun 11am: (1) Water supply has been re-routed from another location and the southern end of town now has water restored, albeit at a lower pressure; (2) Water to the northern end of town should be restored ‘in a few hours’; (3) bottled water will NOT be arranged as supply is being restored.