London Street may be closed on the Saturday of the Jubilee weekend, as the organisers of the Rockus music festival look to bring the event into the town centre on 2nd June.

Previously at Testbourne, the organisers of the popular festival, billed as ‘Bad Music in a nice Town’ are looking to close the road between the White Hart and the Red House, and are seeking support from local residents, for what sounds like an exciting idea.

The Rockus team say:

We plan to make use of the Parish Hall, Clacy’s forecourt and the White Hart/Red House car parks. Live music will form the focal point of the event with performance stages located in the White Hart car park and the Parish Hall. We are hoping to have children’s activities centred at the Red House. The event will run from 1pm until 11pm.

It is planned that the bus route and other traffic will be diverted through Lynch Hill Park.

The team believe the plans are achievable but they need local support.
They can be contacted at:

Comments (2)

  • Noel Privett

    A excellent idea. I assume the road will be closed from Test Road.

  • Mrs Hills

    Dont think this is a good idea has anybody thought about parking does that mean that all the car parks in whitchurch wil be used meaning there wil be no parking spaces for anybody else to use and noise in a builtup area and youngests working about the town and what about the people that live along there have they been informed about the closure.

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