Hannah received her certificate from Robin Cousins. (Photo ©2011 Holiday On Ice, used with permission)

A 13 year-old skater from Whitchurch has won the Holiday on Ice ‘Ice Factor’ Competition that was held in Plymouth, and she has her sights set on an even bigger competition in the future.

Hannah Rahman, of Kingsley Park, performed an impressive 1½ minute ice skating routine in front of an audience that included a panel of judges. The 1980 Olympic Champion Robin Cousins was one of the judges.

After all the judges’ votes were tallied, Hannah ranked top amongst the 24 skaters competing. Mr. Cousins said at the time that Hannah’s performance stood out and her performance was brilliant.


Hannah’s prize is the opportunity to perform her solo choreographed routine on the opening night of the Holiday On Ice show ‘Tropicana – The Passion Tour’ at Exeter’s Westpoint arena. The show takes place on Valentine’s Day and tickets are on sale now.

Hannah skating in the Ice Factor competition. (Photo used with permission)

Hannah said, “It was a competition for Robin Cousins to select someone to do their solo exhibition in the Holiday On Ice Tropicana show. I get to do my solo during its opening ceremonies.”

She continued, “I did want to win [the competition] obviously – there were quite a lot of good other competitors so I thought I don’t know really I might not win it, but then I did! I was really excited then.”

Describing her prize, Hannah said, “I get to do my exhibition solo in the opening show. I’m quite excited.”


Hannah performs her routine at the Ice Factor competition. (Photo used with permission)

Hannah says she is planning to compete in other events in Europe this spring.

Looking further head, Hannah let slip that she has her sights set even higher: “I want to go to the Olympics to compete in singles. I think I will be too young for the one in Russia [in 2014], but maybe the next one”, Hannah said.

How exciting!

You can read about the competition HERE. Tickets for the show can be purchased through Holiday On Ice HERE. Hannah attends Testbourne school.

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