Town Hall smStanding Room Only
It was standing room only in the Whitchurch Town Hall as the Town Council held an ‘opinion-seeking’ Workshop with local residents on how it should manage community projects.

Proposals had previously been suggested for an ‘umbrella’ group to liaise and work with developers and landowners, as well to form project teams to manage the various projects within the Neighbourhood Plan. The results would then feed into the Town Council.
Meanwhile others had suggested a less formal structure where organisations and groups could have direct liaison with the Town Council rather than through an intermediary body.

Workshop Groups
The benefits and disadvantages of each approach, as well as any other strategies, were discussed in Workshop-style Groups around the Chamber’s large table, each overseen by a Town Councillor.

Community Together“Its what drives me”
Town Council Chairman Cllr John Buckley said that he was massively encouraged that so many residents had attended to give their views. “Its what drives me – everyone deserves to be listened to; this is a great turnout” he said. The results of the Workshops along with other opinions received will now enable Councillors to be better prepared for when decisions are made for future planning and community project work arising from the Neighbourhood Plan and other sources.

Other issues
There was also the opportunity for a general Question and Answer session on any matters around the town, which included subjects as diverse as flood protection, the disintegrating roundabout in the Square, and unsightly orange fencing. Residents were reminded that the Town Council’s door is always open and that its members are always willing to listen about any concerns or for suggestions for the town.

The Town Council can be contacted via the Clerks on 01256 892107, by email on or by calling in the Town Hall Office during its normal opening hours.