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I’m from the Philippines and have been residing in Whitchurch at 15 Lapwing Rise for about 7 years.
As you may already know, the Philippines is suffering from a catastrophe caused by typhoon Haiyan.

The super typhoon is classified as belonging to a category five hurricane that was 3x more powerful than Hurricane Katrina that hit America in 2005. Approximately 10,000 are now presumed dead in the Philippines as an aftermath of the storm.

In desperate need
We are indeed very grateful that we are in a ‘better’ place, living in Hampshire, but we can’t ignore that millions of our fellow Filipinos are in desperate need for food and shelter, amongst other things, back in the Philippines.

Because of this we would like to ask your help in securing donations of the following items:

  1. Bottled water
  2. Canned food example Sardines/Mackerel/Hotdogs/Spaghetti
  3. Rice/Noodles
  4. Used sleeping bags, blankets, bedsheets, tents
  5. Bath soap
  6. Medicine for diarrhoea, flu, mosquito repellant
  7. Baby food, nappies
  8. Used t-shirts, baby clothes
  9. Used shoes,flip flops
  10. Adult/children underwear

Distributing aid directly
We are doing this in partnership with LBC. Its a Philippine courier company with an office in London. They are very kind to have encouraged millions of Filipinos worldwide to use their offices and vans to pick up donations and ship them all at no cost to the Philippines. They have a charity arm called LBC Foundation that will also distribute the goods directly to typhoon hit areas and victims.

Where to deliver
Anybody willing to donate can drop their goods at our home on 15 Lapwing Rise, RG28 7SU.
It’s off Caesar’s Way, straight down the road to your left is our house. Or I can collect them somewhere else more convenient as collection point.

I’m hoping that LBC can book the collection of boxes on the 22nd November, but I can confirm this this week.

Our doors are open to any donation of goods beginning today up to perhaps the 20th November, to give us time to put the items in boxes.
You may reach me on my mobile at 07769816629.

We look forward to your support.
There’s much to do, many lives to be rebuilt. We’re hoping we can start this way. God bless us all.

Aizel Finch


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  • Sarah castle

    Hi Aizal, the Gill Nethercott Centre would happy act as a collection point for you. If you agree I’ll put a box in foyer. Thanks Sarah

  • Vicar

    Anything from the list can be left at All Hallows (near the font) for Aizel’s collection.
    Kelvin Inglis

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