Crime logoA local man cycling along Winchester Road was pushed off their cycle by a car passenger at around 9.00pm last night near Tesco.

The following (with names removed) has been reported:

As he approached the Silk Mill Bridge (heading towards Tesco) he was aware a car was travelling behind him and as the road was clear he waited for the car to overtake him, only it still followed him.

Suddenly the car accelerated and came abreast of him, the person in the rear seat had his window down and as they passed that person put their hand out and shoved him, causing him to come off his bike.

He suffered cuts and bruising and his bike is severely damaged.
The Police have been informed.

If anyone has any information whatsoever please forward it to the Police on 101.
Please refer to Crime Reference Number: 44180450520

Perhaps you know of someone out in a White Golf (or similar vehicle) at around that time? Perhaps you heard someone talking about this? Perhaps you saw the vehicle with occupants acting suspiciously elsewhere?
Any information may be helpful.

The rider was very lucky not to be seriously injured or worse.
And a family may have lost a loving member.