After a week of snow and rain the sun’s rays streamed through the windows of the Gill Nethercott Centre, and rightly so as good news was to the fore.

A strong footing
The sixth Annual General Meeting of the Whitchurch Association was taking place, and the Trustees and Committee had overseen a year of consolidation and growth which had put the local charity on a strong footing for the future.

Harriet Titcomb opened the meeting with the Chairman’s Report, outlining the wide range of activities undertaken as well as the working towards a Visible Differences accreditation – a quality standard that provides a stronger standing in making grant applications. Feedback on this so far has been both “complimentary and constructive” and the final report is expected in the Spring.

Success shown at the Centre
The Association’s main task is the management of the Gill Nethercott Centre, and a vote of thanks was given to Sarah Castle and the GNC team. The year has seen increased useage and greater cooperation with other groups in running events and activities. These have been diverse, ranging from business workshops and tea dances, to the provision of physiotherapy sessions and theatre evenings.
With many groups, clubs and event bookings filling the Diary, this success has resulted in an annual footfall in excess of 32,000 people.

Wide range of activity
Other areas of activity include the IT Broadband Library, running regular films, working with the Youth Club and the local Councils, overseeing the Community Art Project and of course management of this website.
Meanwhile on the more mundane side, a problem with the GNC drains had to be resolved, the boiler needed maintaining, and the building’s outside was painted.

The future is certainly looking good.


Elected at the meeting were
Jackie Browne, Morwenna Collins, Richard Cooper, Barry Jackman, Muriel Hirst, Mike Knight
Officers (also Trustees):
Chair: Harriet Titcomb
Vice Chair: Denyse Coles
Treasurer: Sandra Smith
Secretary: Jean Watts
Membership: John Wall
WA Comms team:
John Buckley, Richard Cooper, Andrew Reeves-Hall

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  • Harriet

    Super article, thanks!

    I take umbridge at the exterior painting being Mundane…we were quite excited, especially as it co-incided with interior redecoration too.

    Also reported …. the centre has joined the 21st century with its own face book page, and, through easy fundraising [costing not a penny to us] £70 has been raised for the WA. :))

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