It was a steady stream of visitors to the Town Hall throughout Wednesday afternoon and early evening. Stagecoach South were holding a Drop-in session to take opinion on the changes to the local bus services introduced at the end of August.

Adam Hawksworth smWide range of comments
Commercial Manager Adam Hawksworth (pictured left) listened intently to a wide range of comment and suggestions relating to both the 76 and the 86 services.

Topics raised included dangers at new turnings, safer pavements in the centre, distances to stops, the effects of parking, access to the care homes, the reduced 86 services and the improved timetable to Andover.

Suggestions from local residents
Many suggestions were presented ranging from returning buses to Newbury/London Street and reversing the ‘loop’ around town, to removing the Town centre roundabout and introducing a Newbury service. Bus stop names also got an airing as did coordinated ticketing with the trains and even reverting Lynch Hill Park to being a no-through-road (as it was many years ago).

Further consultation
Stagecoach have promised further consultation as well as a survey of passengers.
The pilot on the present services will run to the end of February 2016, after which Stagecoach said they would consider all feedback before making their decisions on future provision.

Adam is to be thanked for his very calm and professional manner in which he dealt with the wide range of views.

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  • Mike Stead

    Apparently a lot of shouty WaSPs were in attendance, using the strategy of the loudest, shrillest voice wins.

    Meanwhile 99.9% of the town is happy with the greatly-reduced congestion, almost totally absent pavement driving and more punctual bus services since the route changed. And more people are using the buses since the change, which proves the WaSPs are wrong, again.

    And no reported incidents to the Town Council/Police on LHP, despite the WaSPs claiming buses are unable to drive around corners without hitting other vehicles/rolling over.

    I feel for the residents of LHP who are happy with the buses, and are now being tarred with the WaSP brush – the WaSPs are a very small, anonymous single-issue pressure group who are very well-funded – printing and distributing anonymous leaflets, commissioning bogus traffic reports, constantly pressuring our elected officials. The town will not give in to self-interested bullies. We’ve seen them off before, will do so again.

  • Andy Thompson

    Suggestion of LHP as a ‘no-through-road’….chortle chortle…I think that says it all! The sheer exclusivity in that statement alone shows you some folk clearly live in ivory towers. That’s not really something to be proud off….

    In terms of the changes … just to reiterate…..

    There’s much less traffic congestion in Whitchurch generally.
    Traffic is more evenly distributed.
    Progression along London Street is now that bit easier.
    Safer for pedestrians.
    Quicker transit times for car & bus passengers.

    This all seems pretty positive to me…

  • Martin Watson

    I attended a part of the meeting which I thought Adam Hawksworth chaired in a very competent even handed manner. I did not hear any shouting but only genuinely held points, both for and against the pilot, which were listened to politely. The reduction in the service to Winchester was a problem for a number of contributors and also the loss of the 86 service between the south part of the town and the station was another area which Adam Hawksworth promised to consider and to discuss with the Town Council.
    I thought it was a very good meeting,, and well run by Stagecoach.

  • Alan mcgougan

    Mike stead statements are clearly made by a person who did not attend. Adam Hawksworth chaired a grown up debate about the issues, the part I attended, without any personal slurs being cast around. The vast majority of those who attended presented their opinions, as they are surely entitled to do, in a calm rational polite manner.

    Regarding the “no through” road comment it was simply made by one attendee who was explaining that Dances Lane and Lynch a Hill Park were both cul-de -sacs joined later to service the properties there – hence the different names and road geometry. Adam Hawksworth made a note and commented ,I think in jest, maybe it should be closed again? Everyone there laughed!! A serious proposal I think not!

    thank goodness Stagecoach are now talking to Whitchurch residents from all around the town


  • Andy Thompson

    ‘There’s a grain of truth in every joke’…chortle chortle…

  • Peter Heath

    Speaking for 0.02% of Whitchurch residents, I’m grateful to Alan and Martin – who actually attended the meeting – for their constructive and rational comments.

    Do either of you gentlemen know if the content of this meeting will be published? It would be refreshing to hear what residents had to say without the accusations and belligerence appearing on this site.

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