Whitchurch Arts is inviting nominations for its special award made to local people in the creative field, whether it be music, painting, sculpture, literature or any other artistic area.

The Whitchurch Arts Award is given to an individual, or a group, in recognition of their creative contribution to society. Winners of the award are an inspiration to artists in Whitchurch, and further afield.

The guidelines are that anyone can make nominations for the award and anyone can be nominated.
Deadline for receipt will be TUESDAY 16th JULY 2013 and making a nomination is easy.

All you need to do is provide:

a) the name of the nominee, which can be an individual or a group, and
b) supply up to 200 words as to why you think they they are deserving of the Award.

All local residents can submit nominations.

Note that if you make a nomination your name will not be made public, unless you wish so.

Previous recipients have been Richard Adams, author of Watership Down and many other publications, and Peter Honri, recognised for his extensive work in the music hall field.

WHITCHURCH ARTS AWARD, or call 01256 892650

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