Whitchurch may soon be losing its Mobile Library visits to the less able members of our town if HCC’s planned review of library services comes to fruition.

The Whitchurch.org.uk will be reporting on any potential loss to the town and supporting campaigning to retain the service.

The review is part of HCC’s cost cutting exercise and could result in mobile libraries no longer visiting sheltered accommodation such as Seeviours Court if they are within two miles of a static library.
The changes are due to come into operation in July 2011.

The replacement service looks towards a ‘Good Neighbour’ scheme where “a friend, neighbour or relative borrows items for them, or by applying to receive a Home Library Service delivered by a volunteer“.
HCC also say that “Where appropriate the Home Library Service will provide a service to customers that are unable to visit their local library, using volunteers.

Residential care homes may also no longer receive visits, although again HCC say they can apply to receive a Home Library Service, again delivered by a volunteer.

These are very significant changes that rely on a voluntary system and the availability of volunteers to carry them out.

Full details are available HERE and online representations can be made via the MOBILE LIBRARY SERVICE REVIEW FEEDBACK

Please make your views known by 14th February 2011
HCC are making a decision, on 8th March which they claim will save £600,000. 18 full-time jobs could also be lost.

Anyone can also send their comments to the
TOWN WEBSITE and the best will be published.