So what’s on your mind?

Bonfires, bad driving, litter, noise, dogs? These are the usual suspects, but there are sure to be more!
What irks you, or what makes you feel good about Whitchurch – friendship, local events, the wave in the street?

A new feature on the official town website is a Letters page, open to all to express their views and opinions on local matters.

Just like a local newspaper you can now send in your comments and discussion points on any subjects so long as they adhere to normal polite behaviour. Preference will be given to local issues.
Remember this is your website, owned by the town, and is here for everyone to use.

And just like with a paper, letters will need to be polite and adhere to normal standards of acceptibility, but otherwise almost anything goes.
Please supply your name and a contact, but it can be withheld on request.

So visit
LETTERS and get writing…