Hanging Basket1As the World Wide Whitchurch Weekend moves closer plans continue to make it a wonderful occasion with processions, events, and competitions for all.
The weekend is July 17th – 19th.

Visitors to our town
Visitors are expected from other Whitchurches within the UK and to enjoy the town’s hospitality.

This is an ideal opportunity for businesses, groups, and individuals to help show off the local town and its area to the best, and to make ‘our’ Whitchurch the town people would want to return to.

Whitchurch should look its best

With this in mind Whitchurch should be made to look its best and everyone can help – perhaps by sweeping the area outside your own shop, business or house; by putting up a hanging basket, or maybe just picking up some litter and putting it in a bin – and of course if a dog owner… please pick up.

Community importance
While individuals can help it is also of community-wide importance.
Here, what is needed is someone who may be able to coordinate a community clean up. There is assistance available with items such as the provision of sacks, bins, brushes and the like. It just needs someone to oversee it.

If anyone is interested in helping in this way please pop into the Town Hall office or send a message: CONTACT

Let’s make OUR Whitchurch THE Whitchurch to be proud of.

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