Montessori picThe proposals for a Montessori Nursery on the Knowlings Field has generated a lot of local interest.
The proposal is for the erection of purpose designed building to relocate the existing Whitchurch Montessori Nursery and Forest School from its site at Testbourne School with associated parking and access.

Decision time on Wednesday 9th October
The full planning Application has been placed on the Agenda for discussion at Basingstoke and Deane’s Development Control Committee on: 
Wednesday 9th October, at 6.30pm at the Civic Offices.

It is this Committee of Basingstoke Borough Councillors that makes the final decision.

159 Letters of Objection or Support
128 letters of objection were been received, the main areas of objection relating to traffic generation, highways and parking, the environmental impacts of the proposal and the need for such a facility.

These included an Objection from Whitchurch Town Council after it held a very well-attended meeting in the Parish Hall before coming to its own decision to object.

31 letters of support were received including support for the location, the need and its lack of effect on wildlife or traffic.

The Recommendation…
Basingstoke & Deane Councillors have received the Recommendation from the Officers that the Application be APPROVED, subject to conditions.

The full details can be seen in the attached Document (link at end of this article) but an extract is reproduced here…

Reasons for Approval:

1. The proposal would provide an essential facility to help sustain and enhance the vitality and viability of the local community in accordance with Paragraph…

2. The proposal would integrate successfully into the street scene and would not harm the intrinsic character or overall appearance of the landscape. The proposal would be of an appropriate design, height and character in relation to its context. As such the proposal would comply with Section…

3. The proposal would conserve the biodiversity value and tree conservation interests of the site and as such the proposal would comply with the National Planning Policy…

4. The development would not cause an adverse impact on highway safety and adequate parking would be provided to serve the proposed development and as such the proposal complies with Policies…

5. The proposed development would not result in any undue loss of privacy or cause undue loss of light, overbearing or noise and disturbance impacts to occupiers of neighbouring properties and as such complies with Policies…

The Report can be downloaded from BDBC Planning site and this Item is No.1 on the Agenda of Applications.

It is known that presentations from objectors and supporters are being presented at the Meeting which is open to the public to attend – however note that is is not a meeting for open public debate.

The Agenda Report is here: