The Whitchurch Faster Broadband team has today received an update from BT Infinity on the progress of bringing fibre to the area following the success in the Race-to-Infinity earlier this year.

It is easiest that we simply reproduce the correspondence received.


12th July 2011

Following my last newsletter where I highlighted the 12-15 month process for BT bringing fibre to your exchange, I am pleased to be able to provide a further insight into the progress being made in your area. We are now currently in month 7/8 of this process and exchange preparation and planning activities are well underway. As a result I am able to give you an update on the technology solution for your exchange and provisional timescales for rollout.

The fibre equipment for Whitchurch will be installed in the Andover exchange. The rollout design will deliver around 90% fibre coverage of the exchange area, using a mix of both Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) technology – however please be aware that this could be affected by unexpected planning problems or complexities during the progress of the build.

Planning activities will be complete by October 2011 and build work will then commence. You will begin to see evidence of the work that is underway. This will include the installation of new equipment such as green cabinets along the roadside, and our engineers putting in place additional footway boxes plus many hundreds of metres of tubing and fibre optic cable both within the underground network and to our distribution poles.

The work will take some weeks/months to complete so not everyone will be able to order a service from day one. However once the build phase starts you and your community will be able to visit to check individual phone numbers to see whether and when you are able to order BT Infinity.

If all goes well we should be able to receive the first order for BT Infinity in your area from January 2012. I hope that you find this update informative, and I look forward to being able to provide more details to you in a couple of months with another progress report as the work and planning advances.

Kind Regards
Johnny McQuoid
Superfast Broadband Programme Director, BT Group


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