Whilst last night showed what a lively town Whitchurch is with plenty of enjoyable functions, it seems in some quarters not all was well.

Update 08/10/2012 09h45: The police have just informed this website that, “there was a gathering of people to the north of Whitchurch on the Highclere beat but that wasn’t where the noise was coming from. The noise was coming form a private address to the north of Whitchurch Town. [PC Paula Deery] will be attending there this morning with an Environmental Health officer to give further advice.”

With some excellent music at the Social Club, White Hart, Testbourne and Parish Hall, all providing entertainment and fun a number of people were also disturbed by another kind of music.

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Toilet paper was seen today strewn around the old A34 road near Litchfield

The town’s social networking sites were full of comment and complaint as what seems to have been a rave continued through until 5.30am this morning.

Reports of people being kept awake all night and of calls to the Police have filled the sites as well as being received by this website.

Below are just some of the comments that appeared on the WHITCHURCH FACEBOOK page (names removed and swearing deleted!).

The town website team have asked the police for information. If is received it will be posted here,

ARH20121007-172901-A55-30207 (resized)

Toilet paper along the old A34 near Litchfield.

Comments can also be left below.

Below is just a selection of comments:


• Someone in Whitchurch Hampshire had a party until 5.20am this morning – music blasting!

• Worst night’s sleep for the whole family ever!!

• Thanks whoever you are – the least you could of done was invite the whole town.

• Who is still playing load music at this time?? Wish they would turn it down or OFF!!!

• I phoned 101 they said they have had over 100 calls from this area an illegal rave. They also said they have reports as far as Highclere about it

• The lady on the 101 number said they could not pin point exactly where it was being held

• Apparently it was in Litchfield!! It’s a right mess there now!
The police could have followed the noise and found it I’m sure, it was loud enough!!

• I didn’t hear anything except fireworks.

• Yea it was on the other side of the A34 and you hear the music for miles.

• An Illegal Rave in Whitchurch last night?!
Well that’s new too me! Never heard of one of them being here before!

• Someone tried to organise one a few years ago but police knew about it before so closed it off.

• Music was well loud till like 5am.

• Luckily I didn’t hear it. Apparently it was by Litchfield.

• Where was it because we heard fireworks right at the top of our road!

• I have a mate in Litchfield must of done his head in

• Yeaa, loads of people heard it I think, I expect Whitchurch will be quiet today because everyone will be in bed!

• Cars are parked on road by Litchfield on way to Newbury.
Looks like that’s where rave was all night … Mess everywhere.
Toilet paper all over road and cars. What a mess.

• We could still hear it at 5.20 this morning. Feel sorry for the those that live the other end of Whitchurch.

• Nope this one didn’t finish til 5.30am. It defo wasn’t the party at Testbourne it was a illegal rave.

• Well I thought at 3.00am it’s bound to stop soon then fell asleep woke at 5.30am still going then just stopped. You couldn’t tell where it was coming from. I’ve seen others say that over 100 people called the police which clearly made no difference

• Apparently it was near St Mary Bourne! It was so loud!

• Why did the police not shut it down. It kept most of Whitchurch awake.

• I thought it was just a house party at first, but at 5am I could see light beams in the sky. Next time they should let us all know and we can all share the fun!

• FYI, this is the kind of thing that the 101 number was created for, ie non-emergency, non-life threatening but in need of reporting. Don’t assume someone else already rung in, just call 101.

• Turn that music down or off!!!! I’ve got work soon & need sleep!!!

• …some people are so selfish…!!

• It went on for hours still going at 5 this morning.

• Seriously that sodding music stops, finally get some sleep them what happens……… kids wake up!!! Really how load did that music really need to be especially all night.

• Did anyone else hear the music blaring in Whitchurch lastly night and this morning stopped gone 5am how loud!!!!!

• I think most of Whitchurch heard it!! It started about 9 too!! There was one there last year.

• Took me ages to get back to sleep.
Thought it was me hearing things at first.

• No sleep tonight with that music going on!:-(

• It was still going on ’til at least 5.30am … Then just stopped! God knows where it was.
I was going to ram who ever speakers up their by about 3am

• So illegal raves, raving it up in Whitchurch last night…wasn’t even invited and was rudely kept awake all night long!!!!! Cheeky ravers!!!

• Really …… Someone …… Playing music …….. At this time??

• Where is that music coming from ?

• Whitchurch is noisy tonight, an incessant dance music beat from one direction and fireworks from the other, all it needs now is a police helicopter hovering above…


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  • Debs

    Not only a nightmare noise wise, but the traffic racing (yes racing) on the road. Surely the noise could have been followed, or at least the volume of traffic going to and from the venue!

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