The surrounds of the Gill Nethercott Centre will be landscaped in the next few weeks.
This area is a Site of Interest for Nature Conservation (SINC), particularly because Water Voles live there. Water Voles are an endangered species of mammal. The plan adopted before the Centre was opened three years ago had not worked and the area has been overgrown and untidy.

This month, March, will see the existing undergrowth cleared and replaced with a membrane covered in bark chips. Osiers, a form of willow, will be planted on part of the site by early April. Also in April, signs will be put up inside and outside giving information about the wildlife to be seen on the site.

Later, paths will be laid and a ‘hide’ built from which animals and birds visiting the area may be watched. Evidence has been found of otters visiting the site and it is hoped to build an artificial otter holt to encourage them to breed here.

In May the frontage of the site will be laid out as a garden.