The King's Arms has re-opened.

The King’s Arms in Whitchurch held its official opening on Friday evening having undergone a comprehensive refurbishment.
The pub was bustling as customers enjoyed what is clearly an attractive addition to the facilities in the town.

A Community Pub
The Grade II listed building is under the ownership of Red Oak Taverns who have invested in keeping it a community pub. The two bars remain and the rear has pool and large screen TV and there is access to a pleasant ‘snug’ area, while the old public bar can be used for enjoying meals and relaxed socialising.
Decor is pleasing, with use of complementary colours, while the new wooden flooring adds to the overall feel of a pub that will be attractive to everyone.
As with all pubs a few ‘rules’ have been introduced to ensure it remains pleasant for all – these include no workmen’s clothing, muddy boots or caps, and there is evening security. Dogs are permitted but not where people are eating.

The comfortable refurbished right hand bar has a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere

Real ales
A welcome addition is that traditional real ales are now offered, and on opening night local brew Andwell Gold Muddler, Sharp’s Doom Bar and Greene King Abbot Ale were on the pumps. These were in very good condition and alongside a range of keg beers, cider and lagers.

A competitive food menu
The menu comprises of usual pub favourites with very competitive prices, and specials are displayed too. Items such as Beer-battered fish with chunky chips, Chicken Tikka Masala are amongst the Kings Arms Classics range, while there is a range of sandwiches and starters, and roasts available on Sundays. Families are welcome and there is a special children’s menu, as well as a range of deserts, with much of the produce being sourced locally. The menu will be available throughout the day.

The rear bar was lively on opening night.

Community focus
The town website team were very pleased to meet Red Oak Director Mark Grunnell, the area manager Nathan and the new landlady Jane, who provided a very detailed insight into the history and structure of their company, and of the community focus of their plans. The time they spent on this was very much appreciated. Being an inclusive community pub is paramount, and the aim is to make it attractive to all who want to enjoy a relaxed and pleasant experience. The company has 32 pubs and is slowly refurbishing them, with the King’s Arms being the most extensive to date, and being a small company they are very receptive to receiving feedback and ideas so that each of their pubs integrates into local life.

A visit is highly recommended
The ‘new’ King’s Arms will be a very welcome addition to the town, and a visit is highly recommended.

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Comments (3)

  • Graham Burgess

    When I first came to live in Whitchurch we bought No 6, next door to The Kings Arms, happy days.

    It was fun that I was the first person to enter on the Public Opening Day and the end result impressed me.

    I returned with Gillian early on the evening of the second day for a meal and encountered a very positive service in respect of feedback with vegetarian meals.

    Good to have a positive thinking team aiming t enrich the quality of life in Whitchurch.

  • Lena Humakti

    Looks a great addition to the facilities in Whitchurch and the makeover is very welcome. I was intrigued to see the comment about no dogs in the eating area, which I fully agree with, and yet the photo of the eating area has a dog sat in the centre! Has this rule been relaxed already?


    Edit note:
    No food was being served when the photo was taken. It is understood the rule applies when people are eating, as the article states.
    Best check with the pub though.

  • Irene Inglis

    After searching various websites, I am still unable to find a telephone number for the Kings Arms, Whitchurch, which makes it very difficult to book a table!!

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