Glass bottles and jars will be collected kerbside starting in April 2012.

Basingstoke and Deane have stated that the kerbside pick-up of glass bottles and jars for recycling will start after mid-April in Whitchurch.

This means that, given our bi-weekly recycling pick-up schedule, the first kerbside glass recycling collection should take place on Friday April 27, 2012. All boxes and bins need to be out for emptying by 7am.

The council state:

Residents [of B&DBC] will…begin to receive their [glass recycling] boxes in the run up to collections starting the week of Monday 16 April.

There is only waste pick-up that week in Whitchurch, and so it is assumed the kerbside glass recycling will start the week after, and will follow every two weeks thereafter along with the normal recycling pick-up.

UPDATE 6 March 2012: B&DBC have just today stated that only part of Whitchurch – and they don’t define that – will be included in this initial roll-out. The remaining parts will be included in the next phase starting in June 2012. A letter will be sent out several weeks before the first collection to inform you of when to put out the new glass recycling bin.


You will be able to recycle these items in the special box:

  • glass bottles (but remove corks or tops and put in rubbish)
  • jars (but remove tops and put in rubbish)

These items are NOT accepted and must not be placed in the glass recycling box:

  • light bulbs,
  • glass panes,
  • lead crystal glass,
  • glass ovenware

Those items should be taken to the household waste recycling centre for recycling. The nearest is in Andover’s Walworth Industrial Estate (info HERE).

Click for calendar showing dates for recycling and waste pickup in Whitchurch.


The glass collected is sent to a reprocessing plant, where it is colour sorted and then used to make new bottles and jars.

Cabinet Member for The Environment Cllr Elaine Still said “The average household uses over 300 bottles and jars a year; the collection service provides an ideal opportunity to put an end to glass being thrown away in the grey bins whilst aiding those residents that can’t get to a bottle bank.”

Statistics released in September 2011 by B&DBC showed that each household in the new programme recycled about 2.7kg of glass. If this was all wine bottles, then that is about 5 bottles per household every two weeks. If it was all marmalade jars, then that is about 10 jars per household.

Details about the glass recycling programme is HERE. Information about the other kinds of recycling (in your large green bin) is HERE. The 2012 calendar of waste and bi-weekly recycle pickup is HERE.

This website’s information page about waste and recycling is HERE.

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