Commemorating the Jubilee
A commemorative oak tree is to be planted on Daniel Park this Tuesday (10th April) to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Everyone is welcome to attend the planting which will take place at 10.30am.

Hundreds across Hampshire
Hundreds of majestic oak trees are being planted across Hampshire as part of an initiative by Hampshire County Council with The Woodland Trust and the Hampshire Gardens Trust.
Whitchurch Town Council has obtained one of the trees and has asked the Friends of Daniel Park if they would plant it on the Open Space which is to be dedicated as a Queen Elizabeth II Field.

A symbol to last hundreds of years
The English Oak (Quercus robur) should grow to over 30 metres tall and hopefully live for hundreds of years. They are a symbol of great strength and endurance so a good choice for the Diamond Jubilee.

Everyone is invited
Everyone is invited to come along to the planting to to enjoy the first Diamond Jubilee event to be held in Whitchurch.
Children of Oak Tree Nursery and Friends of QEII Field will be also be present at the ceremony.
Local contractors A&M Hardy will plant the oak.

Something to ponder…?
How high will the Whitchurch Jubilee Oak be in 500 years time?
Will it still be looking over our wonderful town?

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