Local gymnast Jordan Lucas is presently in Birmingham for the World Tumbling Championships, which are being held in the National Indoor Arena.

This is the 28th Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships which brings together top gymnasts from across the globe. Jordan has been training today for the first qualification rounds on Friday morning.
The Final of the Team event is on Saturday while the Individual Finals are on Sunday.

17-year old Jordan sent a message and a picture of the team to the official town website, saying:

…both routines going well and I will be competing on Friday at roughly 10am

We wish Jordan the very best – and send him this message…

“The whole of Whitchurch is cheering for you.”

The GBR Tumbling team after the final training session. (Jordan is 4th from the left)

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  • John Wiltshire

    Hi Jordan, wishing you a very successful Friday morning. I’ve put your event up on the Youth Club Facebook page…Loads of local kids will be supporting you and your team.

  • Kevin Lucas

    Hi Jordan. Great training is going well at Birmingham. We’ll be up early Friday morning to get to the NIA by about 9.00am. See you soon and enjoy the event……. Dad

  • The Mayor and Mayoress

    Hello Jordan,

    Just to let you know the Town is right behind you.

    We will be thinking of you in the lead up to Friday morning and especially around 10 am, wishing you every success. All the very best to you and to the team.

    Barry and Sandra Jackman.

  • Justine Lucas

    Hi Jordan,Glad the training has gone well. Really looking forward to tomorrow:-)

    All the best for the competition….Mum xxx

  • Jenn & Eden

    Jordan, Good Luck – we’ll be kept inform by your dad on how you’re getting on!

  • Justine Lucas

    Hi All

    The following is a great link to keep up to date with all the info from Birmingham…


    You should be able to copy and paste it….

    Kind regards


  • Lo Grace Umpa

    Hey, Boyo!

    I’m sure you don’t need any luck, you’ll blast through it 🙂 Have fun!

  • claire mears

    Good Luck Jordan, I’m sure you will do well

    Best wishes
    Claire & Yasmine Mears

  • Gill Clarke

    Good Luck Jordan, we’ll be thinking of you this weekend.
    Best wishes to you and all the team.
    From both of us ‘Next Door’ Gill & Nobby

  • Justine Lucas

    Hi All,

    Jordan and the team have done an amazing job by getting into the Senior Men’s Team Final tomorrow. They go into the Competition in third place so hopefully they can ‘hold’ that and medal. We are very proud of all of them. It’s quite an achievement as Team GB are the youngest competitors, with Jordan actually being the youngest out of the whole Competition. The Russians average 24 years of age but are only 2 points ahead of our guys in 2nd place !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fingers crossed for the Finals and if anyone fancies watching it’s on BBC 1 (on the Red Button } about 7:00 and will only last about 15-20 minutes !!!!! It’s like the 100m in Athletics (don’t last long but spectacular).

    Kind regards to all……

    Justine and Kevin

  • Justine Lucas

    Jordan and the rest of the GB guys finished in 4th in the senior men’s team final. A great job done, considering they were by far the youngest team!! Unfortunately Shaun over rotated in his triple back somersault landing, so lost the score to his ending but a great experience for the guys and we are sure they will be an even more amazing team in future Worlds.

    Jordan and the guys will be back training next week, in preparation for the forth coming Europeans:-)

  • Justine Lucas

    Anyone who would like to watch Jordan in action, go on You tube and type in Jordan Lucas tumbling.

    This was the live coverage from the World Championship Team Finals..:-)

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