JRF fire 01 smFrom Peter McLeod:

I know know many of us have been thinking how we can help to get the studio returned back to the state it was in before the tragic fire. I have therefore started a page to raise some funds to help John Ruffell and Katy-Jane Ruffell. There are times when everyone needs a helping hand so for all of those who have been inspired by them lets give them one.


After months of hard work on the part of John and Katy Ruffell the John Ruffell Fitness Studio finally opened in May. Many of us watched the hours they put in essentially turning an ex-garage space into a clean, well-lit studio that has become a focal point in Whitchurch for the numerous fitness classes.

JRF fire 02 smSadly on Saturday 1st July a campervan outside caught fire and one end of the studio went up in flame causing a large amount of damage to equipment and furniture. This equipment needs to be replaced and John and Katy could really do with a helping hand from friends and those who train to get them back on their feet as soon as possible.



The Studio prior to the fire. It only opened in May:

John Ruffell Fitness Studio