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UPDATE – March 25th is his last visit until further notice.

Jeff the Codfather is in Whitchurch again this Thursday (March 25th).

Jeff’s Fresh Grimsby Fish is parked in Bell Street Car Park from 1.45pm to 2.45pm.

Those who have already tried the excellent fresh fish available praise the high quality and friendly service, all offered with a goodly portion of tongue in cheek banter as befits a former trawler man.

A wide range of fresh fish of all kinds from cod and haddock to salmon and tuna are usually on the trays.
Seafood, patés and kippers are also offered all at excellent prices.

Below: Just a few home-cooked dishes enjoyed by the website team using Jeff’s fish.
(click pics to enlarge)

Special edit tip:
Jeff’s kippers are especially nice for Friday breakfasts 🙂


Fish Dish 05

Fish Dish 06

Fish Dish 04

Fish Dish 03

Fish Dish 02

Fish Dish 01






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