We are very pleased to confirm that the 14-year old Whitchurch girl who went missing last night at 5.00pm has been located.

The town website has received official confirmation from the Police that Jade is now safe and well, and with her parents who thank everyone for their help, concern and kindness in what was a very worrying 24 hours.

Thank you too to PC Paula for officially confirming the news.

Jade Juniper was last seen yesterday in Fairfields and her disappearance led to a widespread search by her friends and the police.
Posters were put up around the area and social networking sites went into overdrive in an attempt to locate her.

Everyone, especially her family and many friends are delighted that Jade is now safely back home.

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  • Dan

    Glad she was found safe and sound!

  • twitch

    good job she is aswell the amount of time she put all her mates and faily thru so much last night i glad one of my good mates is back now

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