It will soon be time to to elect our representatives to the Whitchurch Town Council.

The Whitchurch Town Council is made up of 12 councillors elected by local residents.
This year, all 12 seats are up for election on Thursday 5th May. Persons can be nominated for the seats between 25th March and 4th April on a form available from the Town Hall or from Basingstoke and Deane Electoral Services (see contacts below).

New faces…
There is always a hope that new faces and younger candidates will come forward. In the most recent elections it was excellent to see two new ladies join the Council.

One existing Councillor has told us…

In the last 16 years there has never been more than 12 nominations for Whitchurch Town Council so a poll has not been held. Let’s encourage more candidates this time around – and from younger residents. It would be great to have an 18 year old candidate!

Several candidates have already been mooted as standing, but as yet, regrettably none so young!

The Whitchurch Town Council has also always aimed to be non-political – an important consideration for voters to make when electing candidates.
Whilst representatives to the County and Borough Councils have usually been from political parties, Whitchurch Town Council has traditionally been independent of party politics.

The important dates are:
Friday 25th March: Publication of Notice of Election
Monday 4th April: Receipt of Nominations
Wednesday 6th April (noon): Publication of Statements of Persons Nominated
Thursday 26th April: Publication of Notice of Poll
Thursday 5th May 7am – 10pm: Day of Poll

Contacts for nomination forms and further details:

Whitchurch Town Council:
TELEPHONE: 01256 892107
Basingstoke and Deane Electoral Services:
TELEPHONE: 01256 845355 or 01256 845507

Please note the above information is provided in good faith.
All official requirements should be confirmed with the contacts above.