New cabinet installed in Micheldever Road.

Since the last update excitement and interest has been rising in the town and surrounding area about the imminent arrival of the Faster Broadband. As residents watch the new green cabinets appear, the day when internet access is improved creeps nearer.

As reported here in early December, senior executives from BT had met with the campaign team and informed them that orders for the service would be being accepted by the end of January.
As recently as 23rd January BT informed the team that “Overall local deployment is now going well”.

But then…

A hiccup!

On the very last day of January, news was received that there may now be some delays.
BT have cited works that are presently being carried out by Hampshire County Council. These include a new roundabout at Walworth affecting the fibre optic link from Andover, and traffic management issues on the B3400 as a result of the closure of Newbury Road railway bridge.

Those campaigning for the Faster Broadband are now concerned that there may be some communication issues between BT and HCC that need resolving, as both these highway works have been known about for some considerable time.

A member of the campaign team said:

“To find out at this late stage that BT and HCC may not be communicating effectively is a disappointment that they must resolve promptly. BT has promised that 100% of Whitchurch will receive faster services and it would be poor if this was delayed by such failure.”

Campaign team members have also asked local HCC Councillor Tom Thacker to investigate and a response on the HCC position is awaited. Clarification on this latest news is also awaited from BT/Openreach.

Many in the town and surrounding areas remain very excited about the potential Faster Broadband offers them, for home, leisure and business uses and it is hoped that any difficulties between the local authorities and BT/Openreach can be quickly resolved.

As soon as we have any further information it will be posted here.

UPDATE: See update in article HERE.

BT Openreach working outside the Town Hall today.

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  • Peter D

    Firstly, thank you for the updates. This concerns me in more ways than one.
    a) the possible delay to the already slipped March ‘infinity’ release.
    b) I have been plagued with an unsteady BT broadband connection since at least last November (actually before)….prior to this it was pretty constant +/- 1Mb from 5Mb. Now it is between 700Kb~7Mb. I know I am not isolated in this, with many other residents getting slow connections. At first I simply lived with it, thinking infinity was coming in 2012 (it was not until late December they actually amended the website date). 1mb, sometimes less, on a 8mb line for me is not a good service and frustrating – especially having had a reliable service prior. Of course I have been in touch with BT numerous times I get the usual spiel.
    Until the residence of Whitchurch complain on mass to BT about the unreliable bad connection in the area those complaining will just be palmed off. Whilst the future reliable connection is promised we are currently worse off. My initial thought was no pain no gain, but for how long! Maybe when you speak to your BT contact you can get some real facts as to the bad connections speeds associated with the current BT service, whilst Talk Talk are stable.

    I invite others with bad, unreliable, speeds can comment here…..

    I am now left with the dilemma of do I swap to the Talk Talk LLU service, 15Mb, on an 18mnth contract or await the Infinity and stick with BT…..if they delay again I will be seeking a more reliable connection…..

  • Mike Stead

    Peter, thanks for taking the time here, I too have noticed an increasingly flaky service over the last month – and I’m on a BT Business connection with apparently un-contended service, typically getting 6.5MB all day long. I use internet telephony a lot and that is very sensitive to service breaks of even a fraction of a second, last week I resorted to using my home phone for a few days it got so bad. Seems OK now after 3hrs of calls today.

    Of course in any town of ~1000 connections there will always be people with line and hardware faults, so a handful of people having issues is possibly statistically normal and not indicative of an actual universal problem. I personally haven’t had anyone badger me about broadband problems, but that might be people being polite 😉

    If anyone else is having issues (or your friends/neighbours/relatives) please post your experiences here so we [Ed. myself and Paula] can get a feel for the scope of the issue and escalate to BT.



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