Is Big Brother watching you?
Yes it’s a bit clichéd but questions have been asked.

What is going on at the lamppost ominously numbered 13A?

A camera has appeared on the lamppost on the junction of Wells Lane and Church Street and points under the old railway bridge towards Andover. It seems to be powered from the street lamp too but otherwise there are no markings.

So who put it there and what is it for?

So far investigations have drawn a blank. Our Hampshire and Borough Councillors don’t know, nor do those at the nearby car salerooms which it also seems to be pointing towards.

Is it a secret early warning system for aliens invading from the western lands?
Or is it for something else?

(click pictures to enlarge)

If anyone has any ideas what it might be for please let us know.

Comments below.

Comments (3)

  • Tracy F

    It looks like the roadtraf cameras you see on the motorway which monitors traffic flow/density so it is possibly owned by the Highways Agency

  • Caroline T

    I agree with Tracy above as recently I have heard The Breeze radio station in Andover reporting on traffic conditions on A303, A34 AND B3400 Whitchurch. I presume the info they give out is sourced from cameras and don’t think there are any others on the B3400 so perhaps this camra is the source of their info. Strange spot though to put up a traffic flow camera (if that’s what it is!) hardly an area renowned for heavy traffic congestion!!

    Ed.Note: The radio station was contacted and they stated via twitter: “The Breeze Andover @BreezeAndover: No it isn’t … but we love a good mystery so will see what we can find out !”

  • Tim

    Who owns or is responsible for the street light as if it is powered from it then surely they have given permission. If not it should come down!!! It does look similar to a Traffic Master unit.

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