Artists impression by Wheelabrator – note lorry size for scale (click pic)

Artists impression – note lorry size for scale (click pic)

Wheelabrator, the company proposing to build a large scale incinerator on land just south of Longparish, has now submitted their Scoping Report to the Government Planning Inspectorate. Read their development proposals here. Wheelabrator’s Scoping Report

In response, the Government Planning Inspectorate has just published it’s Scoping Opinion. You can read the comprehensive report here together with letters submitted by local Parish Councils, Borough Councils, Hampshire County Council and other interested bodies.  Government Planning Inspectorate’s Scoping Opinion


What will its effects be on the Town and Parish of Whitchurch and on the surrounding countryside and environment within the Basingstoke & Deane area and wider?

Whitchurch Town Council is calling for Wheelabrator to hold Public Meetings in the town.
The Borough, County Councillor and the MP have been asked to support this request.

Watch the ITV Report here:

Campaigners fighting plans for incinerator in Hampshire town

From the campaigners in Barton Stacey:
If anyone is still struggling to visualise a building which is 170 metres long and 55 metres tall with 100 metre chimneys – here’s one!

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