Artists impression by Wheelabrator – note lorry size for scale (click pic)

Artists impression – note lorry size for scale (click pic)

The Incinerator which will be less than 3 miles from Whitchurch was on ITV News.


What will its effects be on the Town and Parish of Whitchurch and on the surrounding countryside and environment within the Basingstoke & Deane area and wider?

Whitchurch Town Council discussed it last night (Monday 4th March) and is calling for Wheelabrator to hold Public Meetings in the town.
The Borough, County Councillor and the MP are being asked to support this request.

Local residents who are concerned/interested and who may have particular skills that may help determine a response to the current Consultation are also being asked to contact the Town Council as soon as possible.

Whitchurch Town Council:
01256 892107

Watch the ITV Report here:
Campaigners fighting plans for incinerator in Hampshire town

From the campaigners in Barton Stacey:
If anyone is still struggling to visualise a building which is 170 metres long and 55 metres tall with 100 metre chimneys – here’s one!

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