As the volunteer admin on this community site and of the associated Facebook page, I need to declare an interest.
I believe this issue is of utmost importance to Whitchurch residents (most items posted here are provided from an independent viewpoint).
I believe the residents need to be VERY aware of what is on the horizon although…
*** I need to make it very clear I post here as an individual.***
John B


Basingstoke and Deane is updating its adopted Local Plan.
This will have implications for Whitchurch’s Neighbourhood Plan which needs review and updating.
The Town Council has yet to determine how to deal with this but it already has it on its Agenda.

Basingstoke & Deane have stated:

“We’ve started work to update our adopted Local Plan, planning for new homes, businesses, leisure and other uses up to at least 2038. We’re inviting developers, landowners and other interested parties to let us know about potential future sites that could be developed before 5pm on Wednesday 3 July 2019.
For more information visit “


Whitchurch is shown in the documentation as having a number of potential sites for more housing. Each is listed with its constraints and benefits, along with any planning history, availability and achievability.
Each is also given an indication of its potential density and yield (including development type).
However, all are being ‘promoted’ as for dwellings.

Note these are ‘potential’ not all, if any, will be accepted but residents should be aware these are under consideration. NONE currently have any approval.


The sites are in two main areas – here is a brief summary.

Click to enlarge.

To see sites, click on plan to enlarge.

ONE – South of the town

East of the Knowlings (commonly known locally as the ‘dog-walking field’
200 dwellings

WHIT 011
South East Whitchurch
(a very large swathe of land stretching around from the Knowlings Field – above – past Southfield Farm and across to the sewage works and round to the existing new houses at Mill Springs)
600 dwellings

Land at Winchester Road
(land adjacent to and to the south of Mill Springs)
95 Dwellings

Land to the south west of Whitchurch Sewage works.
(this is behind HP003, above)
300 dwellings

TWO – near around the Cricket Ground.

WHIT 008
Land north of the Cricket Ground, Parsonage Meadow
(the ‘rough’ area of land between the B3400 and the Cricket Ground)
13 dwellings

WHIT 009
Cricket Ground and land north, Parsonage Meadow.
(the Cricket Ground and the northern part currently used for grazing and being individually listed as WHIT 008 above)
35 dwellings (assumed to include the 13 above)

WHIT 010
Whitchurch Glebe
(pasture land adjacent to the Cricket Ground to the west and next to the Test to the east)
25 dwellings

Anyone adding those numbers up will see a potential for sites totalling 1255 houses. Which sites, if any, will make it into the Local Plan?


Summary But, as stated above, this is a personal view.

There will be interesting times ahead.
This is not intended to raise alarm, rather it is to give notice that local people should, in my opinion, become engaged with the processes that are to commence so that our lovely town can be developed as WE wish.
Not being involved will mean accepting what others decide for the future of OUR town.

And to finish, as the writer of this, I believe no more housing developments, other than limited infill and for local need, should be built until current infrastructure – health provision, education, travel, leisure, etc – is established to meet both present and future needs.
John B