Houses are proposed for the site of the former Harvest Home pub on Winchester Street.

The London-based developer who demolished the Harvest Home pub in October has put in plans to build 5 new houses on the site. Our Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council must approve them before they can be built. The site is on the boundary of the Conservation Area.

The ‘use class’ of the site is still for “Drinking establishments – Public houses” so a change of use to “dwelling houses” may be required. No change of use permission would be required if instead the proposal was for shops, restaurant, café, estate agency, employment agency or a betting office. It is unclear if demolition of the pub changes this situation.

Colours show the individual houses - this is the plan for the first (top) floor. Note: a flat is on the right


The 5 houses are split between 3, 3-bedroom homes on two floors, and 2, 1-bedroom flats. The proposal includes a drawing of a shed that would fit two bicycles and two bins. The developer’s plan shows a shed in the back garden of the 3 houses. Note: The layout drawings here have been coloured in by this website for ease of identifying the separate dwellings.

There is parking shown for 8 cars, and the car park goes right up to the edge of the stream behind the property. The front corner of the property encroaches on a flood zone.

Colours show the individual houses - this is the plan for the ground floor. Note: a flat is on the right

The developer states, that the area on the ground of the Harvest Home was 273 square metres and that this new development totals 173 square metres – a reduction of 37%.


The largest dwelling is 500cm (5 metres) wide by 700cm (7 metres) deep spread across 2 floors. It has two bedrooms that measure about 350cm by 300cm, and a one smaller one that is about 300cm by 200cm.

The side of the proposed development shows the entrances to the two flats beside the entrance road to the car park.

The smallest dwelling is about 500cm wide by 800cm deep but just on one floor, with space lost due to a stairwell to the dwelling above. The one bedroom in it is about 300cm by 300cm.

The height of each room is 240cm on the first floor and 245cm on the ground floor. For reference, a standard double bed matress is 135cm by 190cm and there are 100cm in 1 metre.


The developer says the materials will “reflect the adjacent conservation area with slate covered roofs and angular ridge tiles. Traditional chimneys and detailed barge boards…with cottage style windows and traditional style composite doors.”

The planning application BDB-75465 is on the B&DBC website HERE. You can give your comments about it to B&DBC planners HERE.
Use Classes are defined in the Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 as amended, and is summarised on the Government’s Planning Portal HERE.

The campaign to save the Harvest Home is archived HERE.

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