Bloswood Drive Allotments, between Ardglen Road and Caesar's Way.

The owners of the allotment site at the end of Bloswood Drive, between Caesar’s Way and Ardglen Road, have proposed to build 40 houses on the site and relocate the allotments to the field north of the housing development, nearer the A34. Access is proposed through a new road from Caesar’s Way by cutting down a tree.

The landowners are The Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty in Winchester, registered charity no.202751 which has tangible assets of £5.8million as of 2011.

The Hospital was founded around 1133 by Henry de Blois, Bishop of Winchester, grandson of William the Conqueror, half brother to King Stephen of England. The Hospital still provides accommodation for a total of 25 elderly men known as “The Brothers” under the care of “The Master”.

They have hired planning firm Pro Vision of Winchester to progress the scheme.


The proposal is to erect 40 houses and relocate the allotment site (Image: Pro Vision, with labels added by this website)

Steven Smallman, director of Pro Vision Planning & Design stated that the proposed development “would make an important contribution towards meeting the acknowledged housing need in the area.”

He continued,

“In doing so, this would relieve pressures to develop new housing on greenfield sites elsewhere in the countryside surrounding Whitchurch.”

Cllr Keith Watts stated,

“I knew nothing of this plan, despite having asked planning officers explicitly about this site in April.  Over the past six years, with the support of allotment holders, I have opposed inclusion of this allotment site in the emerging Local Plan.”

The proposal can be seen at Pro Vision’s website HERE. They are asking the public for their feedback before 26 July 2013 – see HERE for details.

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  • M James

    Is this in addition to the 90 odd houses planned for Bloswood Drive area 1st stage.

  • Keith Watts

    The last quote is from me, not a resident of Caesars Way.

    Ed.note: thanks for that clarification, Keith. Article now updated.

  • Keith Watts

    This is just a gleam in the eyes of the developer. If it were to be granted, it would be in addition to the new homes proposed south of Bloswood Drive.

  • D M Barat

    I think this underlines the fact that if the needs of Whitchurch are to be respected, then the sooner we can wriggle free from the clammy grasp of the planning diktats of Basingstoke the better! Surely under the Localism Act we can cede from the Borough and once again manage out own affairs?

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