A detailed artist’s impression of the proposed housing on the temporary car park at the railway station has been received.

Lochailort Investments who had demolished the Railway Hotel have submitted a number of designs for the site which have been the subject of much local discussion.
The current use, as a 49-space temporary car park, expires at the end of July 2013.

Planning Application
The present planning application is for the erection of 12 dwellings comprising of 2 four bedroom, 3 three bedroom, 6 two bedroom and 1 one bedroom homes.

The developers say that the scheme has been designed to “reflect features found in important local buildings such as the Whitchurch Silk Mill and Town Hall with details and local materials reflecting local character”. The incorporation of a clock tower is part of this.

The proposals include 11 parking spaces plus both long and short stay cycle storage, some of which is secure and underground, accessed by a ramp.
The Whitchurch Town Council has raised an objection due to some highway concerns relating to the application, including “insufficient parking provision”, although this was by no means a unanimous decision.

What do local people think?
Local comment is sought and the full details of the scheme are on Basingstoke and Deane’s planning pages, application number BDB/77353

Whitchurch Town Council contact details are HERE

Proposals for housing at the Railway Hotel site.

Comments (5)

  • Morwenna

    I think the impression looks great (i’m not sure the height is completly correct) and I think it’s pushing it a bit to squeeze 12 properties on that site, but in principle I would rather have a brown field site developed than a green field one. My major concern is parking. 12 dwellings are likely to require at least 24 parking spaces, in this day and age. I can’t see how that would be fitted in.

  • Steve

    I thought that the whole idea that Lochailort Investments illegally demolished the Railway Hotel, and illegally cut down a 200 year tree was because they said that Whitchurch Station needed a car park?

  • Mark Williams

    If they cleared away a few of the hedges and put out a few tables it would make a nice looking pub.

  • Local Straight Talker

    They think they can allow vehicles to park in the railway car park, which isn’t big enough anyway. Also, the railway car park has three spaces right on the entrance to the car park which seem to have vanished. I am sure Network Rail would be interested to see their boundary being taken by the proposed ‘development’. This application must be opposed for these reasons, as well as the points Steve has raised. I think it looks horrible anyway, but that is my personal opinion.

  • Debs

    The artist’s impression makes the roads and pavements look much wider and is missing the cars parked outside the other homes on the road. The skips outside the industrial units are also missing. What about all the vehicles that turn in the area at the front of the properties, as this is where commuters are dropped off and will continue to do so. There is too much planned to be set on the site and insufficient allocated parking. Given there are also plans for a flat in the station building, it is a bit tight all round.

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