Cllr Keith Watts has forwarded the following statement:

“I HAVE BEEN INFORMED BY Cllr Donald Sherlock that the Decision adding 200 houses to Whitchurch is being withdrawn.”


For those who have been campaigning on this it is very good news.
Kingsclere Councillor Donald Sherlock, Cabinet Member for Planning, had proposed that Whitchurch should receive an extra 200 houses, an increase of over 60% on the previous agreed figure of 350.

At a meeting last Thursday Cllr Sherlock had been questioned by other Councillors as to how he had made his decision, and on what evidence his proposals had been based, before the meeting was adjourned.

Several Whitchurch residents had also spoken to that meeting.

More to follow.

Cllr Sherlock has made a Statement:
Read it in full HERE

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  • Keith Watts

    It looks as though the Conservative Administration has climbed down entirely. The previous recommendation for Whitchurch will be reinstated at a Cabinet meeting on 15th April.

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