Cllr Keith Watts and Cllr Eric Dunlop

Borough Councillors Eric Dunlop and Keith Watts have agreed with planners that, in the next fifteen years, Whitchurch should not grow faster than it did in the previous fifteen years. That means that we will be planning for an average of 25 new homes to be built in each year up to 2027.

The plan allocates two sites south of Bloswood Lane for house building, in phases, and provides for sites to be agreed later this year for a further 200 homes. This approach is supported by Whitchurch Town Council.

The first phase of development would be for 100 homes on the land between Park View and Bloswood Lane. This site could provide 40 Housing Association homes and 60 homes for sale on the open market. Details will not be known until a Planning Application is put in.

The owners of the Manor Farm land stretching along the by-pass have obtained a report from noise experts on the suitability of the site for housing and the Borough Council’s own expert has commented on the findings.

Planning Officers have concluded that there is land fit for 50 new homes on this site. Eric Dunlop and Keith Watts accept this result but question if the landowner will settle for building just 50.

Keith says “Any work here must follow completion of Phase 1.”

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