The 64% increase in the proposed housing for Whitchurch is raising many questions amongst local residents with this website’s social media and comments sections red hot.

Next Thursday (28th February) will see a Conservative Kingsclere Councillor proposing to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council that Whitchurch takes an increase of 200 homes. These would be on the Knowlings field and on the land south of Testbourne and west of Winchester Road.
Local Whitchurch Councillor Keith Watts has said he will fight this proposal.

How local residents can have a say:
Local residents are able to attend the meeting in the Civic Offices in Basingstoke to make their views known.

Arrive in good time before the start of a 6.30pm meeting of the Cabinet of BDBC.

If you want to speak, phone 844844 and ask for Committee Services then say that you wish to speak on agenda item 13 of the Cabinet meeting.


The fields south of Testbourne.

Just a few of the comments so far:

Scores of comments have been made on this website and on local social networking sites, including:

  • “Basingstoke & Deane have no regard for the lack of infra-structure, demands on schools, doctors and roads, policing, not to mention care for the elderly and provision for the very young.”
  • “The roads and utilities infrastructure can only just cope with the existing population of Whitchurch. BDBC are adopting the usual response to this problem, just stick the housing required in Whitchurch.”
  • “Basingstoke & Deane are living in complete la la land if they believe this plan is sensible epecially over the time scale there are suggesting – this is 22% increase in the size of the town over the next 15 years. And they have no firms plans on all the associated services needed to support the extra people.”
  • “…and now we see why B&DBC fought so damn hard to get the access strip excluded from the Fields In Trust park”
  • “The removal of 200 homes from the plan for Bramley will clearly give Deputy Leader of the Council, Councillor Ranil Jayawardena a much more comfortable ride with his Bramley constituents”
  • “Why didn’t the Town Council get on with the Neighbourhood Plan when it had the chance?”
  • “Will the housing be for locals or more for those who commute to London? We need housing for locals !!”
  • ” Let me just say that I’m not especially in favour of new developments … but I’m not sure we can get too cross. People need homes and if there aren’t enough, surely the only way to resolve this issue is to build some new ones?”
  • ” Whitchurch will struggle to maintain its identity and possibly it is the intention of the council to rip the heart from us and other towns in the borough.”

There are many other comments made: WHITCHURCH FACEBOOK

See the original article HERE

UPDATE: Monday 25th February: There is now a PETITION. Forms available at the Gill Nethercott Centre and the Town Hall.

Comments (4)

  • Keith Watts

    This subject will be dicussed this evening (Monday 25th) at the Town Council Development Committee, 7.30 in the Town Hall.

  • Chris

    If your living in the comfort of your home then you are blind to the need of the new generation with children who do not have homes
    You have forgotten when you did not have what you have got now

  • Jo

    Yes it is important to provide housing for the next generation and their children, which is why Whitchurch has already agreed to build 350 new homes in the Local Plan.

    Is it not equally important that these children (and their families) have a right to be able to walk to their local schools, doctors etc without having to get in a car and drive to a nearby town?

    If the house number is increasd to 550 (which could potentially add another 2,000 people to Whitchurch) our current infrastructure could not cope. Whilst it would be nice to think that the developers / Basingstoke & Deane would contribute enough money to build and run new schools and surgeries, unfortunately I am not sure in reality whether this would ever happen.

  • Graham Burgess

    When the Victorians and later in 1950’s planned they took an overview.So many houses, then corner shop, post office, doctors, shops, schools, parks with parkies, bandstands. Community enriched and the buildings whether they be houses or shops affordable.

    The current infrastructure is not good so any additional buildings 10,50,100,200 etc needs synergistic design to create a benefit.

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