Bloswood Lane Allotments

An application for 36 homes on the Bloswood Lane St Cross Allotments was discussed by the Town Council Development Committee last night (Monday). A presentation of the plans by the landowner showed the application for the housing, which also provided replacement allotments to the north of the Caesars Way housing estate together with a community orchard.

While the application is only in outline form, approval could have knock on effects on both the Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan.
Concerns expressed by Councillors included the access through Caesars Way, the quality of the replacement allotments, safety concerns on the traffic access and noise from the industrial estate for the proposed homes.

The Town Council committee voted unanimously to lodge an objection to the application which will be determined by Basingstoke and Deane.

Although comment on the town’s social media sites has been extensive few local residents turned at at the meeting. Involvement in local planning matters is seen to be essential for the future development of the town.

How to comment:
Comment on this application can be made by residents directly to Basingstoke and Deane.

The application is:
No. 13/01522/OUT Land adjoining Caesars Way, Whitchurch
The application can be viewed on Basingstoke and Deane’s planning site: HERE.

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