The holes were dug...

There was no leaning on the shovel as local children from Whitchurch Primary School rolled up their sleeves and joined the Mayor and Mayoress in installing new cycle racks and seating at the Alliston Way Recreation Ground.

The cement was mixed...

As part of their learning about community involvement and citizenship, twelve children helped dig the holes, mix the cement and tighten the bolts in a morning’s work that saw their hopes come to fruition.

The schoolchildren had been asked what they would like to see for the town. The racks and seats formed part of their ideas and with support from the Town Council the facilities that they chose have been installed.

The stands installed...

Two colourful cycle stands and a seating area are now in place for the use and enjoyment of all. The hoops came from the town centre when the Square was improved, with penny farthing racks taking their place*. The seats are reconstructed from those saved from the The Lynch and have been designed to fit in with the three trees in the corner of the play area.

Time for a tea break?

Town Mayor Cllr Barry Jackman and Mayoress Sandra Jackman, praised the school and the children for their involvement in the community project which is a great asset to the area.
Their sterling work is a reminder that the young people of the town have such an important part to play in both its present and in its future.

Installing the seat...

Testing the new seats...

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* one penny farthing rack remains awaiting installation in the Square by HCC.
Many thanks to Brian Jackman for helping with the tools and concreting.

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