Hoarding around the Harvest Home was approved if it is moved back, painted and bollards are added.

The hoarding at the Harvest Home pub was approved by the Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council’s Development Control meeting on 17 August 2011.

The hoarding, which was erected by the new owner – a developer – without permission in April, must be removed by 31 August 2012.

A demolition notice was given to B&DBC in May by the developer. There is no planning application for the future use of the site and the council are fearful of being sued by the developer if they stop the demolition. No council in the UK has ever been sued for this.

The owners of the neighbouring house at no.58 Winchester St were said to have been given permission from the owner to install hanging baskets on the hoarding.

Bollards must be installed at Harvest Home says B&DBC development committee.

The committee added conditions to their approval. Most importantly, the committee went against the officer’s recommendation and said that the hoarding must be moved back to be in line with the front of the houses at no.58 and no.54 Winchester St. This would improve the view of Winchester St from the Conservation Area.

The committee was concerned that once the hoarding was moved back, the exposed hard standing would be used for parking.

The committee required that new bollards must be installed to prevent parking and the hoarding must be painted.

It was unclear if the bus stop at the Harvest Home pub sign would be kept clear through cones, a marked box on the road, bollards or new double yellow lines.

Cllr Keith Watts said, “Well this is a new one on me because the updated report says the applicant is willing to do exactly what I had in mind…and the officers are opposing that. I am here speaking in support of what the applicant has offered to do which is to move the hoarding back.”

He continued, “The officers are of the view that if we relocated there would be no significant benefits to either the character of the [Conservation] area or the neighbouring amenity [house].”

Campaigner Andrew Reeves-Hall commented on the meeting, “Like Cllr Watts, I was surprised that the unelected officers in B&DBC thought so little of our town’s look, heritage and on a practical level, of the light entering the neighbouring property. These are the same officers who say there is a ‘high risk’ of the developer suing B&DBC if they act for democracy.”

The video of the meeting, which includes a statement by Cllr.Keith Watts is on YouTube (sourced from the webcast at B&DBC website) – see HERE.

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The approved planning application is available by clicking: BDB/74475.
The demolition notice is available by clicking: BDB/74736. Your comments can be added to it HERE.
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  • Andrew Reeves-Hall

    The council seemed not even to want to consider rejecting the application outright. Can developers get away with doing something then asking for forgiveness?


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