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Age UK campaigners including Mary Milne (middle). Photo ©Age UK

A local resident has gone on national radio and television news today to help raise awareness of eldery patients’ needs and care quality in hospitals.

Mary Milne, a senior campaigns officer with Age UK, said on Radio 5 Live this morning, “Some hospitals are clearly getting it right… Through our Hungry to Be Heard campaign Aged UK have been highlighting what we call 7 steps of good practice – simple things like providing red [food] trays which identify those patients needing more help.”

Later, she told Channel 4 News that she is calling on the government to have hospitals publish malnutrition data, which would mean staff would be more likely to record this information. Age UK thinks the time has come to bring external pressure to bear on hospital managers to drive improvements.

Mary was responding on behalf of Age UK to a report published today by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) titled “Dignity and nutrition for older people” which summarised spot check inspections of 100 acute hospitals in England.

The BBC Radio 5 Live interview with Mary Milne is HERE (iplayer replay available for next 7 days only). The Channel 4 News article is online HERE.

The Aged UK information about their campaign is HERE. Age UK is the new force combining Age Concern and Help the Aged.

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